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Welcome to Professional Network Marketing, where you’ll get the truth, and nothing but the truth, about the network marketing profession. My name is Rebecca Jones and I’m a network marketing professional myself. This is the blog I was looking for in the first days, months, even years, of my career as a network marketing professional. My goal is to inform and inspire and my mission is to be a goodwill ambassador for the network marketing profession and everyone who makes a living at it (or wants to.) Come back here often if you’re an aspiring, new or long-time network marketing professional; there will be regular updates on all sorts of subjects to help you and encourage you in your career.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and hearing from you with questions or comments on what you’re reading. Feel free to contact me by email with subjects you’re interested in knowing more about (email only, please, so I’m sure to receive it.) I will get to every single subject, I promise, but I’m going to start with the basics about the network marketing profession in general, so that everyone who visits Professional Network Marketing starts off with a solid understanding and the real scoop on network marketing.

Cheers…. Rebecca

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Rebecca’s Jobs Plan

I’m jumping on the bandwagon. Everyone seems to have a jobs plan these days, well, I’ve got one, too!

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (isn’t this fun?) total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 171,000 in October. That’s good news, we’re still recovering, but, as so many Americans, indeed, the whole world knows, that isn’t good enough for everyone. The point is, in the U.S., the recession officially ended in 2009 yet there aren’t enough jobs to go around, and I’m talking jobs that actually pay the rent and the bills and feed your whole family every single day.

So, here it is… Rebecca’s Jobs Plan. My solution to the slow jobs recovery here, and globally for that matter, is, you guessed it… network marketing. First, and this is huge, people should know that there are hundreds of companies that use network marketing as their sole method of distributing their products. May I be bold here? If you are unemployed, under-employed or sick to death of what you’re doing…GIVE YOURSELF A JOB!

I like to remind my team that, not only are they showing people how to employ themselves, but that every single well-trained, successful network marketing professional frees up a job for someone else. The cable guy/gal that you sponsor and train to lead his/her own team, that’s a job freed up for somebody else that needs it. Or the sales help in a department store. Or the person who delivers packages to your door. Or the receptionist at your doctor’s office, or your doctor for that matter, or next door neighbor who hates struggling up the corporate ladder. Well, you get the idea. But that isn’t all; as you work at your business and grow it, your income continues to grow and you will even have the ability (and quite frankly the need) to employ people yourself. A personal assistant eventually becomes necessary, you’ll need to hire help for maintaining your household, you’ll have to outsource your accounting, and financial planning. Now multiply all those jobs either freed up or created by you and the people on your team that you train to be leaders of their own teams and all of the successful network marketing professionals that they train…

And there you have it, Rebecca’s Jobs Plan! Brilliant, I know, someone ring up the Department of Labor and let ‘em know we’ve got it solved. Cheers!

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What Network Marketing is not…

I answered the question “What is network marketing?” in the last post. I love answering my own questions, by the way, it makes me feel really smart and helpful. I know you’re all dying to know, now, what network marketing is NOT. This will be way more interesting than talking about what it is. So, at the risk of having my language arts teacher, turned assistant principal, scary grammar-obsessive sister be the only person who ever comments on any of my blog posts…What is network marketing – ummm – not?

Network marketing is not…

An easy, “get-rich-quick” scheme. Nobody in network marketing ever plunks down a wad of cash and sits back and watches their bank account grow, and network marketing professionals don’t make claims that way. Did you get that part? Network marketing PROFESSIONALS never make exaggerated income claims about easy money or getting rich without working.

A fad that everyone seems to be jumping into, only to be replaced with the next opportunity and promises of great wealth. Well….let’s be honest about that, some people do exactly that, they jump into network marketing thinking they’re going to start raking in the dough. When they figure out that being a network marketing professional actually involves learning and working, they get frustrated and walk away from it. Again, not a PROFESSIONAL.

A pyramid scheme.  I saved the best for last. If you’ve been in the network marketing profession for any time at all I’m sure someone has asked you, “oh, is that one of those pyramid things?”  If you haven’t, you will. The first time it happened to me I was so flummoxed I had absolutely no idea how to even respond. Network marketing has come a long way over the decades and most of the time the person asking that isn’t really questioning the legality of your business, it’s just what comes to mind when you mention it. I don’t hear it very frequently, but when I do, the simplest response is, “of course not, pyramids are illegal, what makes you ask?”

Giving someone a chance to simply state what they’re thinking gives you the opportunity to ask questions and find out if he or she has some need that your business can help with, whether it’s the product you represent or the business itself.

Network marketing is a great business model and a great way to make a living. There are more than 91 million people involved in network marketing globally and 15.6 million in the U.S. alone, lots are using products only and many are living and working on their own terms.


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What is Network Marketing?

I figured, if I’m going to write a blog on network marketing, it might help if everyone was on the same page and had a basic understanding of what I’m talking about when I use the various terms used in the network marketing profession. So, today, it’s just the facts. I try to keep lingo to a minimum because that and acronyms that aren’t commonly known are confusing and, frankly, totally annoying. There are definitely words and terms in network marketing that you won’t see anywhere else, so I set up a glossary tab with the most commonly used words and terms in our profession, if you come across something that isn’t a common business term, you’ll find it in the glossary.

Some people use the terms direct selling or multi-level marketing in place of network marketing. According to the WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations) the distinction is simple… network marketing and direct selling are the same thing. Multi-level marketing describes the way some network marketing professionals are compensated. The definitions on the glossary page will give you more detail.

Back to the original question: Network Marketing is, very simply, a distribution system, or form of marketing, which channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a “network” of independent distributors or consultants away from permanent retail locations. It’s a wonderfully effective system that cuts out the “middle man” found in most industries.

Traditional marketing moves products from the manufacturer to wholesalers, warehousers, shippers, advertisers and retailers before ever reaching the consumer. In network marketing, all of these “middle men,” including the advertisers, are replaced with independent distributors/consultants who distribute the same products throughout their own network of consumers. This way, the large profit that would normally go to the wholesalers, warehousers, shippers, advertisers and retailers goes to the independent consultants and those who help train them.

Leading traditional retailers are known to spend 25–30% of every sales dollar on advertising, media and other promotions, while network marketing uses those same dollars to reward individuals for “word-of-mouth” promotion. Because network marketing relies on developing and keeping trusted relationships, the product quality and service is often much higher than standard retail brands.

As I mentioned above, network marketing companies market their products or services through independent sales representatives; these representatives are sometimes referred to as consultants, distributors or other titles. I personally use the term consultant, so I’ll use it at Professional Network Marketing, too. Consultants are not employees of the company, they’re independent contractors who market and sell the products or services of a company in return for a commission on those sales.

How does a network marketing professional advertise and market the product or service he/she represents? The vast majority of network marketing sales (about 70%) occur using a one-to-one approach where one consultant presents the products or the business opportunity (or both) to a single consumer. Home shopping parties or some other form of group presentation are another method, where a group of people get together to learn about or sample a range of products. Orders can be placed in person or through a web page sometimes offered through the company and used by the consultant. Sometimes the phone is used to place orders or reorders, but a small percentage of sales take place this way.

I’m going to save what network marketing is NOT for the next post. Cheers!

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